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Thank you for visiting our website. Here at Lexington Auto Spa, our staff is dedicated to the proper care and professionalism that every customer deserves. We are able to handle all of your car wash and detail needs. Ranging from Exterior Washes to Full Details with Leather treatments and Headlight Restorations. We are only as good as our last car washed!

We use only the best products available to us and safest for the environment, we take extreme pride in our facility & equipment.

Just browse around the site and if you have any questions please feel free to drop us an email


Sideskirt of audi vehicle soaked in soap

Exterior Washes

Various exterior wash packages
*Our prices are based on normal wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear may result in additional charge.

Contact Us Today at: (859) 254-9663


Our Services

Detail Services

starting at:

Complete Interior…….. $139.99

Full Detail………………….. $169.99

Individual Services…… $59.99
Carpet, Seats, Wax

Inside and Out

General Cleaning


- Windows cleaned
- Dash & Console Wiped
- Air Freshener


- Towel Dry


Passenger Vans – $35.00
Minivans/Trucks/Larger SUVs – Add $2.00


Inside & Out Plus:


Cup Holders Wiped
- Door Panels Wiped

- Hand applied tire-dressing
Undercarriage with
Rust Inhibitor
- Wheel Brite


Passenger Vans – $35.00
Minivans/Trucks/Larger SUVs – Add $2.00

Ultimate Shine

All of Ultimate Plus:


- Dash, Doors
and Console Dressed


Armor All Professional

Extreme Shine Wax with Carnauba

Passenger Vans – $35.00
Minivans/Trucks/Larger SUVs – Add $2.00

We proudly use Professional Grade ARMORALL Products to help keep you car look its best. Be sure to ask one of our friendly staff which premium products would work best for your needs!

If you are a car dealer, or other business and would like to learn more about our Corporate Accounts, please fill out the contact us page and detail what types of services you would likely be interested in. Thanks again for your interest in our site and we hope to see you at the Car Wash.


(859) 888-1722

Various Armorall products

Individual Detailing Services

Hand Wax

- Hand Applied “Automagic BC-2”
- Removes Minor Swirls
- Brings Back That “Showroom” Shine!


Small SUV add $5
Large SUV add $10

Seat Cleaning

- Cloth Seats Steam Extracted

- Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned 


Small SUV add $5
Large SUV add $10

Clean Carpet

- Carpet Degreased & Hot Steam Extracted

- Leaves Carpet Smelling Fresh & Clean! 
- Floor Mats Included


Small SUV add $5
Large SUV add $10

Detailing Packages

Complete Interior

A Deep, Thorough Cleaning of Vehicle’s Interior!

- Carpet Degreased & Hot Steam Extracted

- Upholstery Degreased & Hot Steam
- Extracted Plastic & Vinyl Cleaned
& Conditioned


Small SUV add $15
Large SUV & Large King Cab Trucks add $30

Full Detail


- Thoroughly Vacuumed

- Vents, Crevices, In Between Seats

- Blow Out Dust, Vents, Areas Hard to Reach

- Carpet Degreased & Hot Steam Extracted

- Upholstery Degreased
& Hot Steam Extracted

- Plastic & Vinyl Cleaned & Conditioned


- Hand Applied “Automagic BC-2” to Exterior

- Removes Minor Swirls

- Chrome Polished

- Bring back that “Showroom” Shine!


Small SUV add $15
Large SUV & Large King Cab Trucks add $30

Auto Spa Special

Full Detail Plus....

- Vehicle Paint Clay Barred, Chrome Polished


Car – add $40
Small SUVs – Add $50
Large SUVs & King Cab Trucks – add $60

Speciality Services

Complete Interior

Buffering & Waxing - Priced on a case basis
Headlight Restoration - $59
Ozone Odor Treatment - $59

Clay Bar & Wax - $115.00

Clay magic deep cleans and removes surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, & stubborn dirt. Finished with a hand wax and leaves your vehicles finished super clean and smooth as glass!

Small SUVs – $130

Large SUVs & Large King Cab Trucks – $145

*Our detail prices are based on normal wear and tear. Excessive wear and tear may result in additional charge.

Contact Us Today at: (859) 888-1722


Car entering wash lane in lexington auto spa
About Us

Lexington Auto Spa is the premier car wash serving the Lexington, KY. area for years. Our attention to detail is what keeps our customers coming back for repeat business, as well as referring our company to business associates, friends, and family.

The staff at Lexington Auto Spa love cars, and it shows. We strive to serve you with the finest customer service available every day. Our team understands the variables of the different types of cars and finishes and can recommend the products and services that will help keep your vehicle looking its best.

Each vehicle that passes through the doors here at Lexington Auto Spa receives our very best. We take pride in the fact that quality service, craftsmanship and value are the cornerstones of our business.

By referral and direct experience, Lexington Auto Spa customers have come to know that we honor our commitments and deliver results.

We understand that there are a lot of carwashes to choose from in the Lexington, KY. area. That is why we work hard every day to appreciate the fact that you chose us to help you take care of your pride and joy. Doing that little something extra towards customer satisfaction is not something extra for us… It’s just the way that we do business! The lasting impression that we leave with our customers is not just a reflection of our business principles but a reflection that you can clearly see each time that you look at your car.

We are proud that you have chosen Lexington Auto Spa to help maintain your vehicle.
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